KRS: 0000370557

The Association Dobry Brat was founded in November 2010 and consists of a group of people friendly towards the disabled. The aim of the Association is completely gratuitous help for the weaker, those in need, who are forced to live in another dimension of their physical and mental condition. We want to support them, provide with information, solve problems, give hope and bring smiles on their faces.

The mission of the Association is integrating the disabled into the society. The Association Dobry Brat organizes festivals and social events, theatrical performances, charity events, educational meetings devoted to people with disabilities and organizes rehabilitation stays for them. The Association, through its action, promotes the development of social responsibility and teaches, particularly the healthy young people, sensitivity and responsibility for the other, the weaker ones. The disabled, thanks to the initiative of the Association, become more active in fulfilling everyday duties and find it easier to keep up with their healthy peers.